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Critieria for Reporting an Incident via the Internet 1. The incident occurred within the Beaumont City limits. 2. The incident must not be in progress. 3. Only non-violent crimes are taken (no reports resulting in major injuries or if weapons are involved) 4. There is no obvious physical evidence left at the scene. Examples of Crimes that can be reported: Criminal Mischief (Damage to Property) Simple Thefts (Including thefts off of a vehicle or theft of bicycles) Auto Burglary (Vehicle was entered) Thefts for Sheds or Storage Structures Thefts from Open Garages Identity Theft Simple Assaults (with minor injures and no weapons involved) ***************************************************************************************** Reports that should NOT be submitted via the Internet 1. Include those where there is any injury 2. Threat of imminent danger of injury 3. Incidents in progress, incidents which just occurred 4. Incidents with significant physical evidence at the scene 5. Incidents where there are suspect(s) and/or witness(es) to be interviewed 6. Auto theft reports 7. Incidents where a weapon was involved 8. Traffic accident reports may not be made over the Internet. ***************************************************************************************** If you do send your offense report in via this form, you will be contacted by telephone or via email to verify the reported information. Once the information is verified, you will be given a case number for your files. You must print out the attached non-consent form (PDF Format) and mail it to the Beaumont Police Department. Be sure you write your case number on the non-consent form prior to mailing. ***************************************************************************************** If you would like to speak with an officer about an incident, you should call 409-832-1234. If it is a life-threatening situation, please call 911. ***************************************************************************************** It is a Class B misdemeanor for anyone, with intent to deceive, to knowingly make a false statement to a peace officer conducting a criminal investigation when that statement is material to the investigation. ***************************************************************************************** Handwritten Witness Statement Non-Consent Form ***************************************************************************************** If you are reporting a financial crime such as credit card abuse, identity theft, counterfeit or forged checks, go to the Financial Crime page for specific instructions prior to making an offense report. Financial Crime Link ***************************************************************************************** By clicking the Agree button you agree to the terms of this site.

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